Thursday, October 27, 2011

Chess Classics Series : #2 Anand vs Aronian 2011

This game was recently played in the Bilbao Chess Masters Final. A good example of the Queen's Gambit Declined opening.

White allows black to capture a pawn in return for time and tries to regain the 'e' pawn in the middle game. At one point, it seems that black has been able to successfully save his pawn. But then, booom !!! Aronian plays 25. Rxe6 regaining the pawn and leaving Black with terrible options. Anand resgins !

Bilbao Chess Masters Final 2011 - Aronian vs Anand

At this point of time, 3 of white's 4 pieces are under attack. Black cannot capture the white's queen, because of 26. Rxe8#. Black cannot capture the rook at e6 with the queen since the rook is supported by the knight at g5. Black cannot capture the rook at e6 with the rook, since the queen is hanging at f5 and will be captured by the white queen. Black cannot support of its rook with queen because the f7 square is controlled by white. Capturing the knight with the rook, temporarily solves the problem. But black will have to play an exchange down in the end game. Anand, wisely resigned.

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Thursday, October 13, 2011

Chess Classics Series : 1. Adolf Anderssen vs Kieseritzky 1851

Of late, my interest in chess has increased. I am trying to improve my game by looking at some great games and learn some chess basics. I have been truly stunned by the magnificence of few of the games played by chess masters in the past. I thought I will publish some of these games on my site for the benefit of my friends who share the same interest.

Today we will be looking at this classic game played in the 1850 where white wins the game by sacrificing a queen, 2 rooks and a bishop.

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Monday, October 10, 2011

Innocent smile

This little fellow cooperated very well while taking pics