Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Basics of a Camera

Photography is the 'Art of Capturing Light'. For a while I was happy shooting pictures with my Sony Cybershot camera. And very soon, I started realizing its limitations. There were couple of instances where I was disappointed with the quality of the picture and the depth of the image. I have shown 2 pictures below where I was unsuccessful in capturing a photo of a butterfly. The camera was simply not able to cope with the speed of the butterfly flapping its wings :( And in the other photograph, there was simply not enough focus on the object itself. Very poor photographs, so no harsh comments please...

And thus, I thought I will buy a new camera. Last few months I have been breaking my head trying to decide what camera to buy. The camera & lens specifications are quite tough to understand. I decided it was first better to know how a camera works and what each parameter of camera signifies. I have been spending time on learning the fundamentals of photography. Its quite interesting.

The link which I have shared below is a very simple yet highly informative introduction to how a camera works and what are the various specifications you need to look into when taking a photograph. The first 30 pages are useful, while the remaining might not be of interest.I hope you find it useful.

Photography basics

Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Pamban Bridge

One of the most beautiful bridges in the country, and certainly one of the longest. The view from the top of the bridge can take your breath away. I regretted for not taking my compact camera with me. I ended up taking these photos with a samsung mobile.

The last photo was taken near dhanushkodi while i was travelling in a car.